3 Ways to Know You Need New Modern Windows

Are you wondering whether it’s time to replace your old windows with new modern windows? It’s a big financial decision to make for your home, but a window upgrade may pay you huge dividends over a short period of time. New and updated windows will go a long way in making your home stand out amongst the other houses on your street. They will also provide your home with the proper ventilation, help keep outside noise out, save you on energy costs, amongst several other awesome benefits.

If your current windows aren’t meeting most of these criteria, it may be all the evidence that you need to settle your predicament. But if you’re still on the fence on the matter, keep reading to find out the 3 ways to know when it’s time to get new windows for your home.  

1. Poor Energy Efficiency? Time for Modern Windows!

By simply looking at your windows, they may appear to be all in good working order, but what has your utility bill looked like lately? Without realizing it, your hard-earned money may be seeping right out the cracks of your windows. Or perhaps you’ve sat in your living room next to one of your windows and noticed a considerable chill coming from that direction? These are signs that are telling you that it may be time to replace your windows with modern windows. 

If you’re still not convinced, there’s a test that you can perform to determine if your windows are leaking air. Just grab a gaslighter and hold it up to one of the corners of your windows. If the flame twinkles or flickers, it’s a clear indication that cold air is sneaking into your home and that they need to be replaced.  

There are some older homes out there that only come with single-pane glass for windows. If this is your home, you can bet that your windows are performing inefficiently when it comes to energy. Upgrading to double-pane will maximize your home’s energy efficiency by keeping your family warmer during the winter and saving you money at the same time.       

2. Damaged Windows 

Time and harsh weather can be extremely tough and unkind to your windows. And when the damage is severe enough, a quick and easy window repair simply isn’t going to be enough. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your window is damaged, the glass and the frame are then exposed to the elements, which can then cause even more issues for you later on down the road. This means that you’ll have to spend even more money than what your initial problem would have cost you.  

When a window frame is not airtight, or the glass becomes compromised by another object, this can lead to further chips and cracks, as well as condensation, mold, and water damage. You’re also opening your home up to uninvited guests, such as allergens and insects. There’s even the possibility of someone walking past your home and seeing that broken widow as an easy opportunity to get inside your home, putting you and your family in danger. This is a great example of a host of problems that could have easily been avoided.  

3. Difficult to Operate

Have you ever experienced a beautiful spring day and felt like opening all of your windows to let in some of that refreshing air? But unfortunately, you had a difficult time getting a few of them open, while one window, in particular, wouldn’t open at all. And when you went to close them, you were met with a similar frustrating outcome. If this is the story of your home, you should strongly consider a modern window replacement.

That’s because your windows are meant to operate quickly and easily without any hassle. A properly functioning double-hung window will provide your home with proper ventilation and tilt easily so that you’re able to clean them without running into any problems. If you’re having to crank by hand to get your windows open, just know that you’re missing out on windows that can slide open and close with ease.   

These are all easy ways to know if it’s time to replace your home’s windows. If you happen to notice considerable noise coming from outside, or sweaty windows on colder days, these are other indications that you may need new windows. And for those of you hoping to sell your home, updated windows will provide that attractive curb appeal that will help you sell it faster.  

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