Allowing Your Front Door to Stand Out in the Crowd

Would you like to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing without doing too much or spending a lot of money? If so, why not get a new door installed? Many people have regular doors in primary shades when you think about it, but how often do you see a front door painted with a bold, unique color or an intricate design that truly stands out? While some people have these colorful or unique-looking doors, it’s a rare sight to see, so why not get a door that stands out in the crowd? 



Set your home apart from the others on your block and in your neighborhood by selecting a bright, beautiful, and incredibly unique door. Leatherman offers an impressive selection of doors that you’ll love. You can have the right one installed in no time and immediately add value to your home.


The Wood Alternative


Suppose you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional wooden door that most people have attached to their homes. In that case, Leatherman offers both steel and fiberglass doors that are the perfect alternatives. 

  • These materials are best known for their durability and quality, along with their impressive appearance. 
  • You can find the doors in different colors and styles, including options with glass installed to make it easy for you to look out and see if anyone is at your door without opening it. 

In addition, the doors are available in different sizes and shapes to conveniently fit the front entrance of your home. You can measure the space, provide the company with details about what you need, and choose from some of the best wood alternatives. You may be surprised at what you can find.


Handcrafted Wood


When you’d like to stick with wood, choose handcrafted pieces that are sturdy, reliable, and in the best condition possible. Handcrafted wood is a timeless option selected by many homeowners. It’s known for its overall appearance and durability, but it’s also a great choice because you can get it painted in the color you like most. 

If you don’t want to have a plain white or brown door, and you’d prefer something that sticks out among all the homes on your block, feel free to get the handcrafted wood door painted in a brighter shade that you love. Some of the popular colors chosen by homeowners include royal blue, pastel purple, lime green, and baby pink. Of course, you can select from dozens of other beautiful shades that can enhance your curb appeal.


How to Choose the Perfect Door That Will Stand Out in the Crowd



If you’d like to pick the perfect door for your home, but you’re feeling indecisive and don’t know what to choose, these are some of the things to consider while on your search for a new door:

  • Is it easy to maintain? You might want something that won’t require a lot of upkeep. You’re probably going to want a door that can withstand constant use without becoming damaged.
  • Will it look good with the home’s exterior? Think about the way your home’s exterior looks, whether you’ve got a brick finish or vinyl siding installed. Consider the colors of your home and everything going on with it before you choose a new door. You’ll want to make sure the door is the perfect match. It should enhance the property instead of looking more like an eyesore.
  • Do you love it? When you’re checking out different styles, think about whether a specific door catches your attention for all the right reasons. It’s essential to find something that you fall in love with because that’s the right door to have on the front of your home. You’ll feel good each time you pull up to the property and get ready to walk through the front door.
  • Can you paint it? If you think you’ll want to change the color now or in the future, find out if it’s a material that you can easily paint. If you’re the kind of person who likes to change things up every few years, you can save money by getting the front door painted instead of constantly replacing it with a new one.

Decide on the perfect front door for your home based on these and other important factors, including quality and sustainability.

Do you want to make sure your front door stands out in the crowd? Would you like to have a door that sets your property apart from others in your area? If so, Leatherman can help you by providing you with an incredible selection of high-quality entry doors available for customers to buy. Whether you want handcrafted wood or a beautiful wood alternative with unique designs, you’ll have more than enough options to choose from. Once you select your dream door, you can get your old one removed and have the new one installed.