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Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure

Necessity truly has been the mother of invention during the COVID-19 crisis. When our showroom team and our customers were under stay-at-home orders, we had to pivot to respond to the multiple requests from homeowners in Michiana that realized their kitchens did not provide the functionality, aesthetic, or lifestyle that they wanted. Being stuck at home for an extended period was eye-opening. The COVID-19 emergency orders to stay at home resulted in our showroom providing homeowners the necessary tools to measure their kitchens, which enabled our designers to develop preliminary plans and move the renovation process forward. Measurements provide a road map and allow a talented, experienced designer to determine how to maximize space for efficiency and aesthetic impact. The three main areas of a kitchen, referred to as the golden triangle, include the sink, the refrigerator and the range, cooktop, or cooking area. The sink should ideally be between the refrigerator and the stove. Each leg of the triangle should be between four and nine feet, and the total perimeter of the triangle should be between 13 and 26 feet. The kitchen triangle has evolved as habits and lifestyle needs have changed.  We ask homeowners numerous questions to learn exactly how they will use the kitchen. We like to know how often they cook, how many family members are involved in meal preparation We ask if they have a baker in the family, how often they entertain, what they want their new kitchen to do that their existing kitchen cannot and so on. Ideally, if there is a baker in the family, the design should allow for a zone that incorporates all of the tools needed for baking, such as pie tins, measuring cups and spoons, rolling pins, and baking sheets located near the pantry or the oven. The area designated for meal preparation should be located near the sink and house everything needed to make mouthwatering meals. The tools in the meal preparation area are knives, pots, pans, pot holders, roasters, cutting boards, colanders, peelers, whisks, basters, and the trash can, among others. We like to provide homeowners in Michiana at least 21 inches of countertop space on each side of the cooktop space permitting. Otherwise, an island or peninsula across from the cooktop makes for an ideal space for meal preparation. Space restricted kitchens can make specifying the right size refrigerator a challenge. Standard refrigerators are 36 inches deep. However, if there is no room for a standard size, manufacturers produce models that are 24 and 30 inches deep. Many do-it-yourselfers don’t account for the swing of the refrigerator door and often find it cannot open completely because of an obstruction. Storage is another essential consideration in the design of a new kitchen. How much storage space is wanted or needed will determine the size of cabinetry and the number of cabinets.  Open shelving is a hot trend in Michiana because it provides a more open feel and enables homeowners to showcase collectibles or favorite glassware, cooking tools or whatever else they desire. Open shelving does not offer the same amount of storage space as cabinetry. What’s the ideal layout for your new kitchen? We can help turn your dreams into reality. Contact Leatherman Supply to get answers to your questions, or to schedule a showroom visit.

The Benefits of a Sanitizing Cycle For Your Kitchen

Everyone we speak to in Michiana wants to do their best and take prudent measures to keep family members safe. The coronavirus pandemic has placed a premium on disinfecting and cleaning. Think about the empty shelves in the grocery store where cleaning supplies typically are stocked.

The Center for Disease Control has issued guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your home. A tool that may help keep your family safe is the sanitizing cycle found on many dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. The ability to kill germs on clothes, cutlery, dishes and glassware depends on water temperature. Appliances with sanitization cycles meeting National Sanitation Foundation standards are tested to ensure that they can eliminate potentially harmful allergens, some microorganisms and bacteria. Dishwashers that meet NSF standards have rinse water temperatures of at least 150 degrees, and the water temperature of washing machines that meet NSF standards must reach a minimum of 131 degrees. Concerning clothes dryers, the heat from a normal cycle is not sufficient to sanitize laundry. However, the sanitizing cycle increases dryer temperature to one that can kill germs or bacteria lingering on your laundry.

A best practice for protecting your family is to rinse and load dirty dishes into your dishwasher immediately. Leaving dirty dishes in a sink, countertop or elsewhere creates a ripe environment for the growth of E. coli, salmonella and listeria, and those harmful bacteria increase the longer dishes sit in an open-air environment. If dishes sit long enough, it may be difficult for a regular dishwasher to disinfect them.

There’s more incentive to be vigilant today. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, most appliance experts recommended sanitizing cycles on appliances as an effective tool to help allergy sufferers. According to the World Health Organization, the coronavirus can live on plastic and metal surfaces for several days, even though the CDC says the virus does not spread easily from contaminated surfaces. Why take the risk if you have appliances with sanitization cycles?

Other appliances that can help you keep your home safer include air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners and steam convection ovens. These appliances are all designed to eliminate bacteria and sanitize hard-to-clean items. If you want to take the natural path consider an air-purifying plant for your kitchen.

If you are in the market for a new washer, dryer, dishwasher or oven, and would like to know which appliances have NSF compliant sanitation cycles, give us a call at (574) 533-0597 or send an email to info@leathermansupply.com make a virtual or face-to-face appointment at our showroom.

How To Convert Your Bathroom Into a Wellness Center With Style

How To Convert Your Bathroom Into a Wellness Center With Style

Health and wellbeing are top of mind in Goshen, Indiana. The global pandemic has cast a bright spotlight on the importance of cleanliness, disinfecting and staying healthy. We can help you create a healthier home for your family by converting your bathroom into a wellness center.

A bathroom serves functional purposes for grooming and hygiene, and those activities are improved with the proper lighting, ventilation and with anti-bacterial materials and fixtures. Today’s manufacturers are harnessing the ability of water, light, color, sound, music, smell and technology to provide therapies that promote health and wellness and a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Technologically sophisticated glazes on toilets and sinks can fight bacteria. There is anti-microbial door and cabinet hardware, and within a few weeks, we expect a new line of cabinet hardware that kills germs on contact.

There are smart mirrors with 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to assess the health of the person looking into them. These mirrors examine a person’s face, look at fatty tissue, facial expressions and how flushed or pale a person’s skin is. Facial recognition software in vanity mirrors can identify signs of stress or anxiety. Gas sensors serve as breathalizers providing data on how much someone may drink or smoke. Mirror scanners that analyze face shapes can identify weight gain or loss, and multispectral cameras in smart mirrors read heart rates or hemoglobin levels. The sensors in smart mirrors can tell homeowners how healthy they are and offer guidance to improve health.

Technologically sophisticated toilets feature massage and washlet systems that eliminate the need for toilet paper. Integrated exhaust systems remove odors and bacteria. Some toilets have self-rising and closing seats, automatic flushing and self-cleaning capabilities, which allow them to be used and operated hands-free. Hands-free and touch- and voice-activated faucets also contribute to a healthier bath or kitchen.

Steam systems offer therapeutic benefits to reduce stress, eliminate toxins and improve immune systems, respiration and skin tone. Steam also improves sleep, makes it easier to relax and soothes tired muscles.

Shower and bath systems can include hydrotherapy capabilities that relax tired muscles and reduce stress while enhancing circulation.

These are a partial list of the products and capabilities that homeowners in Goshen, Indiana can use to make their homes healthier and more enjoyable. If you would like to know more about how you can create a bath that can enhance your family’s health and wellbeing, please give us a call at (574) 533-0597 or email us.

What To Expect From Your Leatherman Kitchen or Bath Designer

What To Expect From Your Leatherman Kitchen or Bath Designer

Why should you rely on a designer to create your dream kitchen or bath in Michiana? Renovating an existing space or building a brand new kitchen, bath, closet or laundry room is a major investment of time and resources. The internet is both our friend and foe. While the internet provides access to every product and service that you could ever need for a renovation project, the amount of information available online can be overwhelming and is likely to cause analysis paralysis. You might find inaccurate information online, which can contribute to unrealistic expectations and elevates stress levels. A professional designer can help you avoid those pitfalls. Showroom professionals can be your greatest asset because they know how to make order out of chaos.

Trust is a key component of project success. Whenever we design a project in and around Michiana, we take the time to interview our clients to gain an understanding of their priorities and wish lists. We pick their brains to better understand and deliver on their dreams. Every project is unique and there should never be a cookie-cutter approach. Our goal when designing a space is to create something new. There are no standard recipes. That’s what makes design fun, exciting and so rewarding for our clients and our team. It’s the creative process, and we love converting Michiana -area homeowners’ dreams into a reality.

When looking for a designer to create a dream space in your home, make sure that you understand the designer’s style and approach to the design and building process. This understanding almost always creates a comfort level. It does not matter the size of the budget or scope of the project, if you and your designer are not on the same page, problems are likely to follow. With any project, there are lots of decisions to be made, and there is always a need to compromise. A good designer knows the right questions to ask to not only determine your style, but also to direct you to product and design choices that complement your existing home décor (as applicable) and personal style and to ensure a consistent flow and look throughout your home.

We often advise our clients in Michiana to trust in the process. Regardless of how much time you invest in research before coming to a showroom or visiting virtually, professional designers have a vast amount of experience and knowledge that is critical to project success. We often find that clients will balk at something new or an out-of-the-box approach. One of the primary reasons to hire a designer is to provide the freedom to use their talents and experience to design and direct the project and to create something that is uniquely yours. Every one of our clients has opinions and goals for their project. Designers translate those ideas and goals to create something exceedingly special.

For additional guidance on working effectively with designers and showrooms even remotely, give us a call at (574) 533-0597 or send an email to info@leathermansupply.com

Why You Need a Range Hood (Plus Essential Guidance for Selecting One)

Why You Need a Range Hood (Plus Essential Guidance for Selecting One)

Range hoods serve two vital purposes for homeowners in and around Michiana looking to create a dream kitchen. One is functional, and the other is aesthetic. Range hoods help eliminate cooking odors and grease from wall and window coverings, art, fabric, upholstery, and other materials in your kitchen and adjoining spaces. With few exceptions, range hoods extend the useful life and enjoyment of your kitchen and surrounding rooms. Range hoods are particularly valuable in open-concept kitchens by protecting materials in the kitchen and the surrounding spaces. It’s generally best to turn the fan on before cooking to help assure odors do not permeate other parts of your kitchen or home.


A range hood’s ability to remove odors and grease is determined by the power level of the fan in the hood. The amount of power needed depends on the amount of energy produced by the cooktop measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). Fan performance is based on the cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air that it moves. The rule of thumb is to specify a hood fan that can move 1 cfm of air for every 100 BTUs of energy produced by the cooktop. If you purchase a professional-grade cooktop or range with a burner that generates 100,000 BTUs, we would specify for your high-performing kitchen a range hood fan that can more 1000 cfm.

Certain rules of thumb don’t always apply. That’s why it is important to consider how often you cook and the performance characteristics of the range you select to ensure that the fan will do its job effectively. If your cooktop or range includes a grill, you will need a fan that can move more than 1 cfm per 100 BTUs of energy because grilling produces lots of smoke both indoors and outdoors. We typically recommend more powerful fans for cooktops with grills or other features that generate smoke, grease, or char. We also recommend hoods and fans that are wider than the cooktop for clients who specify high-performing cooktops and ranges.

The positioning of the range hood is influenced by the power of the range. The hood usually is between 24 and 34 inches above the range. Ductwork position is another factor to consider when selecting a range hood. It’s best to vent the hood through a straight vertical run of ductwork. However, that is not always possible if you want to position your range below a bend in the ductwork. That will lower the efficiency of the fan and may require a more powerful motor.

Noise during operation is another consideration. The more powerful the fan, the noisier it is likely to be. That’s why it is essential to hear fans operate before buying. Mounting the fan or blower outside of the home is an option that can reduce operating noise by as much as 40%, but that installation technique tends to be more complicated and can add to the budget.


Range hoods come in an almost limitless array of shapes, styles, and design features. Range hoods can serve as a focal point of a kitchen or can be hidden away depending on the aesthetic that you want to achieve in your dream kitchen.

The two main types of range hoods are one-piece or two pieces. One-piece range hoods feature a fan inside the hood and a visible exterior shell. One-piece hoods are more commonplace than two-piece counterparts.

Two-piece hoods can offer more flexibility, enabling a custom design based on the power of your range and lifestyle. Two-piece models are especially attractive to homeowners in Michiana that need a more powerful fan that can match a shell that enhances the look and feel of the kitchen. Two-piece hoods can be customized to meet exact needs, wants, and performance requirements.

The material selected for the range hood will affect the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel is easier to clean than wood, tile, or other finishes. Glass components will require more frequent cleaning.

What’s the right range hood for your new kitchen? Give us a call at (574) 533-0597 or email us at info@leathermansupply.com and we can review the perfect combination of form and function.

What’s The Right Color for Your New Kitchen?

What’s The Right Color for Your New Kitchen?

We wish nothing but the best for homeowners in Michiana during this challenging time. We realize that many of you are spending more time in your home than ever before. You might be noticing more, examining things closer and taking stock. Perhaps your kitchen isn’t quite the way that you wish it were. That’s where we come in. Currently, we are offering virtual consults to share ideas and help you imagine a new kitchen beyond your wildest dreams and expectations.

Color plays an important role in this your kitchen design, and our team can help you identify the color scheme best suited for you and your space. White cabinets continue to dominate remodeling, accounting for more than 40% of all kitchen remodeling projects. Blue and green tones are trending in new-kitchen design and mixing these into your new kitchen either as base or upper cabinets, as appliance colors or as accents provides a monochromatic effect that can be electric.

If you are drawn to white, you can offset its potential to feel cold and clinical by mixing in different colors and materials. You can accomplish this with wood floors, countertops or a butcher block either as standalone or incorporating a wood cutting board into a countertop. Another option to consider is white upper kitchen cabinets with black or darker lower cabinets. Imagine a white onyx countertop contrasting against black lower cabinets. Classic and gorgeous.

If you want to incorporate different colors beyond a black and white palate into your new kitchen, look to mother nature for inspiration. We often are drawn to colors found in food, ranging from olives and champagne to blood oranges and eggplants to make a dramatic statement and focal point when used as a backsplash or wall color.

Mixing off white with white is another option if you want to break up the stark feel of an all-white kitchen. The end result is a calm feel to the room.

Red, white and blue as a color combination can be perfect for a kitchen to generate a vibe that combines cleanliness, softness, and vibrancy. This color combination typically works best when red and blue are used as accent colors that can really pop when used next to one another.

What colors would work best, and where they should be incorporated into your new kitchen? Find out by giving us a call at (574) 533-0597 or email us to arrange a free virtual conversation with one of our talented designers:info@leathermansupply.com. For additional inspiration and budget ideas, visit our website atLeathermanSupply.com.