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Top 5 Counter Tops and Cabinet Combos of 2022

Top 5 Counter Tops and Cabinet Combos of 2022

Have you been spending more time in your kitchen than ever before? Because of this, you may have also had a lot of time to visualize in your head the kitchen of your dreams. Just how much longer are you going to hold out on yourself?

Perhaps you struggle with even the thought of a kitchen remodel and would just like to know what the trends look like for kitchens in 2022? This is the year to go ahead and provide your kitchen with the makeover it deserves by choosing any one of 2022’s best counter tops and cabinet combo trends!

1. Black Counter Tops and White Cabinets

For those of you that are looking to remodel your kitchen so that it has more of a bold and dramatic effect when you first walk in, black countertops and white cabinets are a trending choice to go with these days. Natural stone is especially popular right now with homeowners, particularly interested in granite, quartzite, and marble.

The dark stone looks absolutely lovely up against the white cabinets because of the sharp contrast that they bring one another. The white will also brighten your kitchen and you won’t have to worry about it going out of style anytime soon.

2. Butcher Block Tops and White Cabinets

How often do you find yourself using a cutting board for dicing up your veggies and meats? If it’s often, the rustic farmhouse-style kitchen may be right up your alley and you’ll never have to worry about using a cutting board again! This counter tops and cabinet duo brings a cozy and relaxing atmosphere to your kitchen while holding on to that catchy eye-appeal at the same time.

The butcher block tops look attractive on their own, but even more so when paired with white cabinets. You can shop for several different varieties of wood for your tops and a farmhouse sink would help bring together the look that you’re hoping for.

3. Natural Wood Cabinets with Cream or White Countertops

Do you consider yourself a minimalist that wants to embrace more of a natural look in your kitchen? Natural wood cabinets would be a great direction for you to go in and look fantastic no matter what type of wood you settle on, especially oak or pine.

Believe it or not, the light wood looks great even when left unfinished or unstained, so as tempting as it may be, no more dark cabinets! We recommend that with wood cabinets, you play it safe by going with a cream or white countertop because they’ll help to complement one another.

4. White Marble Tops and Gray Cabinets

Are you searching for another popular and professional kitchen style for 2022? Provide your kitchen with that inviting classy look that you’ve been longing for by going with white marble tops and gray cabinets. The neutral tone of the gray cabinets will bring out the beautiful colors of the marble while also complementing one another perfectly.

5. Shaker Cabinets and Eased Edge Countertops

Shaker cabinets may have a simple clean line look to them, but they’re comfortably holding on to the top spot as far as cabinet choices for 2022 are concerned. They come in all sorts of different colors and styles so you’re sure to narrow it down to cabinets that you actually like.

If you’re one that finds yourself accidentally bumping into the edges of a counter often, you may also want to think about going with eased edge countertops while you’re at it. The edges have been rounded off more than most other countertops, which makes them a much safer option when you have little ones running around. They also help to bring that modern look that you’re trying to bring to your kitchen.

Making the best decision for your kitchen’s makeover can take a lot of your time and energy. But if you choose to go with any of these countertop cabinet combos, you can rest assured that everyone that comes over for a visit will absolutely love the style that you went with. It should also give you some peace of mind knowing that when you choose from any one of these popular trends, you won’t have to worry about them becoming outdated anytime soon.

Are you ready to make modern kitchen updates to enhance the appearance of the room? Leatherman Supply can help you transform an old, outdated kitchen and turn it into something beautiful. Contact us today to get started!


5 Trending Ideas for your Christmas Tree Decor

Would you like to try something different this year when decorating the Christmas tree? If you usually do the same thing all the time, you can switch things up by following some of the trending ideas for trees this year. Once you decide to go along with one of these neat ideas, you can pick out the perfect tree, buy the necessary supplies, and begin the decoration process. Don’t hesitate to get the kids involved in lending a helping hand with adding different pieces to the tree to make it look complete.

1. Soft Colors

Softer colors for Christmas are currently in style. Instead of using deep red, forest green, and white colors for decoration, people use soft shades of pink and blue. If you’d love to switch things up with new colors, consider looking at decorations in these different shades. You can find decorative balls, ribbons, and even garland in these colors! The softer colors look great on any tree, but they stand out most on a white artificial tree. So, if you prefer having a white tree, these colors are a must-try!

2. Brighter Hues

If softer shades aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Brighter hues are also trending. Who says you can’t have hot pink, lime green, or even yellow baubles on your Christmas tree? If you want to make sure your tree looks unique and stands out in the home with the rest of the decorations you’ll use to get in the spirit of the holiday season, try some brighter shades. The brighter colors can lift your spirits and put you in a better mood, leaving you feeling more excited for Christmas with your loved ones.

3. Mini Bows

People have used bows on Christmas trees for decades. It’s nothing new. However, mini bows are currently trending and becoming a popular decorative piece for these trees. Some people are skipping the baubles altogether and replacing them with mini bows that they can quickly wrap around the tree branches for decorative purposes. The mini bows come in many colors and styles! Not only can you find them in solid colors, but you can also find them in multi-color prints, plaid designs, and more. If you love glitter, there are even glittery mini bows that will shine bright on a Christmas tree.

4. Modern Garland

Garland is still an excellent choice for decorating the tree, but it isn’t exactly what you’re thinking. When you were younger, your parents may have decorated the tree with bulky garland that took up a lot of space and made the tree look a bit tacky. Those were simpler times! If you want your Christmas tree to look elegant, it’s a good idea to use modern garland. The current options can easily add an elegant touch to any Christmas tree, whether big or small. Glittered leaves in green and silver, snowman pearls, and lamb’s ear are just three types of modern garland that you can choose from. 

While the modern garland adds a special touch to the Christmas tree, you may feel like the tree looks too simple with just the garland. The good thing about this simple accessory is that it pairs well with the mini bows and other decorative pieces, including baubles, mini bows, and ribbons.

5. Eco-Friendly Pieces

Now more than ever before, people have expressed interest in using eco-friendly decorations on their Christmas trees. So why use products that break easily or aren’t good for the environment? If you want to have an eco-friendly tree, buy or make sustainable decorations. You can visit a craft store to get the supplies needed to prepare these decorations at home. It’s a great way to spend time with loved ones while making homemade decorative pieces to place on the tree.

If you don’t want to make the decorations for the tree, but you still care about sustainability, you can buy eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations on different websites, such as Etsy.com. You can find rustic twig pieces, ribbon designs, and even handmade mini wooden trees to place on the Christmas tree branches. It doesn’t get much simpler than that! When you use eco-friendly decorations on the tree, you can store them and save them to continue using these decorations each time the holiday season rolls around.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Trending Ideas

If you want to have the perfect decorative tree in your home this Christmas, consider trying at least one of these five trending ideas. While the traditional Christmas trees were often green or white and covered in red, white, and green decorations, people are now stepping outside the box and trying many new things. So whether you’d like to use some soft shades, eco-friendly pieces, or even brighter hues on your tree, you can have fun while decorating the Christmas tree to match your style and personality! Check out the multi-tools, apparel, knives, and accessories with Leatherman


4 Modern Kitchen Updates in 2021

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen by making some major renovations? If you’re tired of how it currently looks and you feel it’s a bit outdated, there are some modern kitchen updates that you can make with ease to transform your kitchen in no time. 

Once you’ve changed your kitchen, it’ll turn into this vibrant and welcoming environment that you look forward to spending time in with the family. 

If you don’t know which updates are best to make, check out this list of the four modern kitchen updates most popular in 2021! You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your kitchen a modern makeover.


1. Countertops

As more people decide to renovate their kitchens, most of them choose to get rid of their old, outdated countertops and replace them with better options. Some of these newer and more popular options are known for their elegant and sophisticated appearance, along with their durability. 

Get a Feel for What Trend Is Right For You  

The butcher block is one type of countertop that you’ll start seeing in kitchens across the country. So, what is it? The butcher block countertop has the appearance of a butcher’s block that they’d typically cut their meat on. It’s got a unique appearance that stands out in the kitchen, making it look even better.

If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry because there are a few other trends you might like, such as quartz countertops and contemporary concrete. Be sure to look at different images of some of these countertop trends to get a feel for what you like and think would look great in your kitchen. You might even want to see the countertops in person before selecting them.


2. Hardware

Easily change the appearance of your kitchen by getting rid of some old hardware and replacing it with new items. For example, you might want to keep the cabinets but ditch those outdated knobs and replace them with modern, stylish fixtures that make the cabinets look new. It’s a more affordable option compared to removing your old cabinets and replacing them with new ones. You might even want to paint the cabinets a different color before adding new hardware to them.

Go with a More Modern Hardware and Fixture Look 

The cabinet knobs aren’t the only hardware that you can switch up to enhance your kitchen’s appearance. For example, you might want to remove the faucet and replace it with a modern and unique fixture that positively draws attention. In addition, hardware with a gold-tone finish is trendy at the moment. That gold color pops out in a room and adds something extra to it! Most importantly, gold goes with most other colors, so it should easily match any of the different colors you’re using to decorate the room.


3. Paint

Ditch those old, boring shades and bring brightness and excitement to your kitchen with different paint colors. Brighter colors are becoming increasingly popular as more people want to feel excited and happy when they walk into their kitchens. If you feel like your kitchen looks dull with its white or beige walls, this is the perfect time to switch things up with a new hue that stands out.

Current Trendy Colors

Several colors are currently trending for kitchens, including mint green, bright apple green, and pastel blue. If you’re not afraid of a bit of color, you might want to do an accent wall with a bold shade of hot pink, lime green, or even orange. Get some paint samples and start comparing the different colors to see which ones you’re feeling the most. You might even come up with some fantastic color combinations that you can use in your kitchen. It’s all about customizing the room in your home to show off your personality and make it feel more inviting.


4. Lighting

Contemporary light fixtures are an excellent choice for a modern kitchen. If you’re looking for something that ties the room together, search for the perfect lighting fixture to add to your ceiling. 

  • Linear chandeliers are a top choice for those remodeling their kitchens to give them that modern look and feel.
  •  If you don’t like linear chandeliers, you have other options, including zone lighting and pendant lighting. 
  • You might even want to consider getting unique lights installed under the cabinets in your kitchen. Such simple lights can draw attention to the cabinets and leave your kitchen looking well-lit without wasting too much electricity.

These Simple Kitchen Updates Will Go a Long Way

Make modern kitchen updates to enhance the appearance of the room. Leatherman can help you transform an old, outdated kitchen and turn it into something beautiful. From new lighting fixtures, fresh paint on the walls, new hardware, and gorgeous countertops, it doesn’t take too much effort to make changes that will leave you with a modern kitchen. When you’ve updated your kitchen, you’ll enjoy the space even more while increasing the value of your property because of the renovations you’ve made.


Use Large Windows to Highlight Spaces in Your Home

Use Large Windows to Highlight Spaces in Your Home

Would you like to highlight spaces in your home while bringing in more natural sunlight? If so, consider getting new windows installed. Whether you’ve lived in the house for years or recently purchased it, those windows attached to it may have been installed decades ago. If you feel like the windows are too small and aren’t as efficient as you’d like, you have options. 

You can get new, more oversized windows installed to create the perfect space in your home. The right windows can increase the value of your property while enhancing its curb appeal. If you ever decide to sell the property, you’ll likely get more for it than you’ve invested because you’re making upgrades.

Emphasize the Size with Window Walls


Did you know that you can get a portion of the wall knocked out and replaced with a large window? More people are getting window walls installed than ever before, and for several good reasons. These are just a few of the many advantages that come with these types of windows:

  • You’ll feel like your space is even more significant than before. Window walls can prove an illusion that a room is larger than it seems. If you’d love to make your space feel bigger, this is the perfect way to do so!
  • You’re going to have so much natural light inside your home. Gone are the days of putting on multiple lamps and lights inside the house just to read a book or see what you’re doing. With window walls, you’ll have plenty of light shining through. And, if it’s too much for you at times, you can place a curtain over the window to block out some of that light.
  • Enjoy stunning views each day. If you live in an area with amazing views of mountains, trees, flowers, or anything else that excites you, you’ll be glad to have window walls. You’ll have some of the best views of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

If you like the thought of having more space, enjoying lots of natural light, and seeing some great views from inside your property, window walls are the way to go. You can decide where you’d like to have them installed and select the specific frames and styles you prefer most before the installation begins.


Consider Getting Single Large Bay Windows


You may want to create an inviting space in your living room or other room inside your home by getting a large bay window installed. The bay window makes a difference in the room by highlighting all the space you have while giving you an incredible view. 

Whether it’s sunny, raining, or even snowing in your area, you’ll quickly get to look out the window to see nature’s beauty in front of you. When you don’t want the sunlight shining through, you can cover the window with curtains or blinds that look aesthetically pleasing and match the colors and decorations you’re using in that room.

  • A bay window extends outward, giving you some extra space in the room. It’s great for those who’d like to have more freedom to move around freely without feeling cluttered due to the furniture and other items inside that room.
  •  In addition, you may notice an improvement in airflow after getting the large bay window installed. If you have such a large window in your home, you can open it and allow the fresh air to flow through the house, ultimately improving air circulation.

Bring More Natural Light Into the Home


Don’t be afraid to let the natural light shine through and illuminate your home. With more oversized windows installed, you can embrace that natural light and save on your electricity bill each month. Imagine how much money you’d save in a year when you can depend more on the light from outside than the lights inside the home! 

In addition, natural sunlight can leave you feeling more alert, awake, and excited for the start of each day. If you live in an area where the sun shines bright for hours, you’ll have plenty of light shining through the windows and into the home for you to see what you’re doing. Nothing beats natural light!


Get New Windows Installed to Drastically Improve the Look of Your Home


Who knew windows could make such a difference? If the ones you currently have aren’t entirely cutting it, don’t hesitate to get new, larger windows installed. Leatherman offers several types of windows in different sizes. 

Upon checking out the impressive variety of window options, you may come across the perfect ones to get installed in other parts of your home, such as the living room, bathroom, and dining room. Whether you want to get new windows for a single room or every room in your property, let Leatherman help you find the perfect options.


3 Trending Paint Colors for Bathrooms in 2021

3 Trending Paint Colors for Bathrooms in 2021

Do you plan on remodeling your bathroom in the coming weeks or months? If you’d like to do something, one way to transform the room is to paint the walls with a new color much different from the one you currently have. However, before selecting a color, it’s good to know some of the trending paint colors that people are now using in their bathrooms. 

If you’d like to have a bathroom that looks modern and aesthetically pleasing, you might want to choose one of these three trending paint colors for bathrooms in 2021. It’s surprising to see how much of a difference a simple color can make when used in the bathroom.

1. Pistachio Green

One trending paint color for bathrooms in 2021 is pistachio green. It’s not too light yet not too dark of a color to use in a room that you’ll spend plenty of time in each day. The bathroom is that one place that you may consider your private oasis. Not only can you use the bathroom in peace, but you can also soak in the tub and relax when you’re feeling stressed or worn out. The pistachio green can lift your spirits and leave you feeling joyful, optimistic, and relieved.

  • The pistachio green color can match with all kinds of neat bathroom fixtures in different finishes, including gold, black, white, and silver. No matter what type of hardware you decide to select, you can expect it to look good with that pistachio green color that you’ll have on the walls. 
  • It’ll also match with different themes, such as a floral theme or beach theme. So if you’re thinking about coming up with a theme for your bathroom, be sure to consider if it matches this light green color.

2. Prussian Blue

Prussian blue has a naturally beautiful color to it. It’s not too dark yet not too light. It’s not as deep and dark as royal blue but not nearly as light as pastel blue. If you’re looking for a color that will remind you of the ocean, this is the perfect color to use in your bathroom. It’s yet another color trending in 2021 for those painting their bathrooms to renovate their appearance. 

  • The blue color matches well with a lot of different colors. It’ll look good with different hardware that you’re using in the bathroom, much like pistachio green. 
  • Whether you want fixtures with a gold finish, silver finish, or even a white finish, you can expect these colors to match well with this bold and brighter shade of blue.

If you love the idea of having a beach theme or marine theme for the bathroom, this is the perfect color for you. Once you’ve had the walls painted in this color, you may want to add decorative accents to the walls, such as images of colorful fish or sea turtles. Pick pieces that go with the color and allow you to personalize your bathroom to your liking. Before you know it, the bathroom will look like an entirely new and refreshing space for you to enjoy in your home.

3. Charcoal

When you’re not a big fan of brighter colors, there’s always the option of painting your bathroom with a charcoal color. The charcoal color continues to increase in popularity. It’s perfect for those looking to transform their bathroom into a space that looks more elegant and sophisticated. You can paint the walls charcoal and then have white fixtures all around that will pop because of their brightness compared to the darker shade on the walls. 

  • It’s easy to add pops of color to a bathroom with charcoal walls because it goes well with shades of deep red, royal blue, gold, and white. If you’re trying to keep it simple with a darker shade, consider looking at a few samples of charcoal paint. 
  • If you decide to get your walls painted a charcoal color, you should also decide on the perfect finish. The color looks great in eggshell, gloss, and matte finishes.

Why Choose One of These Paint Colors for Your Bathroom?

Choose one of these colors to give your bathroom a new look. There’s a reason these colors are so popular! People love how these colors enhance the natural beauty of their bathroom while making it an even more enjoyable and inviting space to spend time in when using the toilet or bathing. In addition, these colors are a perfect choice because they go well with different types of fixtures and artwork that you can easily find and hang on the walls of your bathroom.

If you’d like your bathroom to look more modern, one of the simplest ways to upgrade it is to paint the walls a new and refreshing color currently trending in 2021. Leatherman can help you create the perfect vibe for your bathroom using colors that make you feel good. Whether you like brighter, bolder shades or prefer something darker such as charcoal, you can expect to see and feel a difference from the minute your walls get painted.


Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? If you’re ready to give it a new look, consider some of the most popular kitchen trends for 2021. You can get rid of the old, traditional decor and accessories while replacing them with more updated and modern fixtures. Go ahead and check out these top kitchen trends for 2021.

1. The Concealed Kitchen

More people are going for the concealed kitchen look than ever before. So, what exactly is a concealed kitchen? It’s a kitchen that doesn’t take up too much space, consisting of space-saving accessories and equipment. It’s the perfect way to keep the kitchen from taking up too much space in the home, especially for those with open kitchen areas that lead to the living room.

Provides a More Modern Look

Concealed kitchens are more modern than traditional kitchens with more prominent and bulkier appliances and fixtures. However, they’re perfect for those who don’t want to feel like they’re looking at their kitchen appliances and accessories while sitting in the living room or even entering the front door. It’s something to consider when you’ve got a limited amount of space to work with at home.

Concealed kitchens 2021
Minimalist kitchen ideas 2021

2. Minimalist Style

Minimalist kitchens are becoming such a big deal. More people are going with the less is more mantra, keeping it as simple as possible without overdoing it. While minimalist kitchen fixtures aren’t extravagant by any means, they’re still made with the highest quality and have such a sophisticated appearance. Suppose you want your kitchen to look more sophisticated and clean without going overboard with decorative pieces, such as intricate knobs for your cabinets. In that case, this style is something to consider during your kitchen remodel.

3. Fun, Bright Colors

Did you know that fun and bright colors are trending in 2021? People are using these bright colors because they want to have vibrancy in their homes. Who says the kitchen has to be a plain shade of gray, white, or beige? 

Why not use bright, bold colors that make you feel good? If you want to feel joyful, excited, and ready to cook or eat when you enter the kitchen, consider choosing a bold shade of pink, orange, or even red.

Transform Your Kitchen with Bright Colors and the Right Stain

You may have some concerns about using bright colors. For example, you’re probably worried that the bright color on the walls might not match everything else. However, if you choose a bright shade of paint to add to the walls of your kitchen, you can still find fixtures to match it. 

Even if you’d like wood cabinets and a wood island in your kitchen, the right stain will match perfectly with a bold color. Don’t hesitate to get creative when selecting the color that you’d like to use. It makes a difference and can truly transform your kitchen into an entirely different room.

Bright colored kitchen trends for 2021
Stained wood kitchen trends 2021

4. Stained Wood Finish

Although it might seem like a classic, stained wood finish continues to trend in 2021. Wood finish has a classic yet elegant and sophisticated appearance, making it the top choice for those remodeling their kitchens. If you’re tired of the cabinets and other fixtures displayed in your kitchen, make some changes. 

Find the Right Wood Finish

First, start checking out different wood finishes to see which ones you think you would like best. You can also choose a specific stain for the wood that will match any color you’re choosing for the kitchen walls. You can find high-quality cabinets, windows, and other components available in the perfect wood finish to use in the kitchen.

5. Upgraded Appliances

If you’re going to remodel the kitchen, make sure you’re upgrading the appliances you’re using. Plenty of people are choosing to get smart kitchen appliances because of their quality and convenience. For example, if you have a smart fridge, you can use it to keep track of when you’ve added certain items to the refrigerator and when they’ll go bad. 

Plenty of Modern Options 

These high-quality refrigerators have built-in speakers and other neat features to make it easy for you to find what you need in your fridge. You haven’t lived enough if you haven’t tested out one of these bad boys! With plans to remodel your kitchen to get it to look better than before, consider upgrading your appliances to match the new appearance.

Upgraded appliances that make your kitchen look better

Which Top Kitchen Trends for 2021 Would You Choose?

These are some of the many kitchen trends for 2021. As people work on remodeling their kitchens, they’re considering going the minimalist route, selecting wood finishes for most things, and even using brighter, bolder colors that people didn’t typically use in kitchens in the past. 

Use these ideas to come up with specific renovations that you’d like to make to your kitchen. You can buy the right paint and all the best features to enhance this room in your home. Before you know it, the kitchen will quickly become your favorite room in the house!

Once you’ve completed the remodel with help from the professionals, such as Leatherman,  you can expect to enjoy the ambiance of your kitchen even more than ever.