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Taking The Stress Out of Your Michiana Kitchen Remodel

Taking The Stress Out of Your Michiana Kitchen Remodel

Budgeting Your Granger Kitchen Renovation

You have heard the horror stories from friends and neighbors in and around Granger, Indiana when their kitchen, bath or home remodel spun out of control. Perhaps it took twice as long as expected or it cost considerably more than budgeted. Ugh! More often than not, you can avoid most remodeling problems with proper preparation and realistic expectations. Those are two deliverables you should expect when you work with a professional designer and showroom.

Budget Realistically

Researching costs online and relying on home and garden television are recipes for disaster. While HGTV is a wonderfully useful source of inspiration and ideas, it is horrendously unreliable as a source for timing and budget. Have you ever noticed on home improvement television there’s an initial meeting and then work begins? What’s missing are the many hours needed to develop designs, select, order and quality control products, obtain permits (if required) and schedule labor. HGTV also fails to mention the cost of labor, and that can be more than 50% of the overall expense.

A professional designer and showroom is involved in hundreds of kitchen projects a year and knows what a remodel should cost. It would be best if you depended on your showroom professional to develop a realistic budget and timetable for your project. Even the best-laid plans can encounter the unexpected. That’s why we recommend to our clients in Michiana to budget a 20% contingency.

The Lowest Bid Rarely is the Lowest Cost

Homeowners in Granger and the surrounding region who believe that the lowest bid and the cheapest products will deliver the best results are the ones who almost always are disappointed with results.

Instead of the lowest cost, you should be looking to obtain the highest value. Value differs for each homeowner. Many of our clients who love to cook, want appliances that provide professional chef functionality. Other clients can’t live without quartz countertops and custom cabinets. In every phase of a kitchen remodel, there are value opportunities. That’s why it is critical to identify the design and product features that are most important to you and your family.  To do so, we recommend clients create idea books on Instagram, Houzz.com and other idea-generating websites.


Design Makes Huge Difference

Your new kitchen or bath should make you smile every time you cross the threshold. A professional designer can convert your vision into reality and provide a finished project that functions as well as it looks. That’s why the planning stage of a project is critical to a project’s success. It’s where we take a deep dive into the details that make all of the difference.

If you would like additional ideas to reduce the stress of your renovation project, please give us a call at (574) 533-0597 or visit our showroom at 2423 Peddlers Village Rd, Goshen, IN 46528.

How Do You Want Your New Kitchen to Feel?

How Do You Want Your New Kitchen to Feel?

We often ask our clients how they want their new kitchen or bath to feel when the project is complete. The question often catches our clients in Northern Indiana off guard. What we are trying to understand is what features of a new kitchen or bath will strike a resounding chord with our clients in Northern Indiana. A well-designed kitchen is not only functional and beautiful, but it also hits the mark emotionally. Outstanding design enables homeowners in Northern Indiana to make a personal statement that resonates with family and friends.

It is almost impossible to create a kitchen that combines superb functionality with beauty and emotional connection if you don’t rely on a kitchen design professional. Contractors may know how to install kitchens but rarely do they bring the same level of design expertise that is offered by a professional kitchen and bath showroom. You’ll know you are dealing with a pro that you can trust by the questions they ask. In our showroom, we want to know about our clients’ lifestyles, those who will be using the kitchen regularly and design preferences. You should feel confident that the designer you select to create the kitchen of your dreams truly understands interior spaces and how those spaces are to look, feel and function.

kitchen remodel

Homeowners in Northern Indiana frequently ask what type of cabinets best suit their needs, preferences, and budgets. The answer almost always depends on the style of the home and the look and feel that the client wants to achieve. Your cabinet style should match your home’s decor. For homes with a modern or transitional style, we will often recommend frameless cabinets. Frameless cabinets are built without a face frame. They will have minimal space between the doors and drawers, which maximizes interior storage and drawer space. Frameless cabinets owe much of their popularity to the fact that they offer 10 to 15% more storage than framed cabinets.

Framed cabinets feature several pieces of wood that are fastened to the forward edge of the cabinet to create a frame literally. The inside part of the frame extends slightly past the inside edges of the box. The frame provides structural support for the cabinet. The doors and hinges of a framed cabinet attach to the face frame, allowing more stability for the box. However, framed cabinets have a smaller opening because the frame reduces the amount of available storage space inside the cabinet box than frameless counterparts.

Another common question related to cabinets is color. Recent industry surveys found that white continues to dominate kitchen cabinet colors, specified for more than 50% of new kitchens. However, we have seen a steady increase in clients who want to introduce color into their kitchens to create an aura and make a personal design statement.

Once cabinets are selected, we typically move onto countertop and backsplash selections. In her new book, The Perfect Kitchen, Barbara Sallick explains, “Cabinets always have tops and bottoms, and the counter is the connector. The process of layering both the countertop and the backsplash, which can be two completely different materials (and I often prefer them to be), is about the way they talk to each other.” Her point is well taken. Countertops and backsplashes need to connect.


We can help you make your kitchen feel like a million dollars. Give us a call at (574) 533-0597 or visit our showroom at 2423 Peddlers Village Rd, Goshen, IN 46528 to learn how you can make your dream a reality.

Kitchen Remodel Trends Revealed for 2020 in Michiana

Kitchen Remodel Trends Revealed for 2020 in Michiana


At Leatherman Supply, we love it when homeowners visit our showroom; especially for a kitchen remodel. Whether they come from as far as Granger, Indiana, or they reside here in Goshen, we make certain to listen and ask the right questions.  In fact, during their visit to our showroom, we spend a lot of time finding answers to questions that only experienced kitchen remodel designers know to ask. One of those kitchen remodeling considerations is where to locate the sink or sinks in a new kitchen. That’s right! Sinks.

Multiple Kitchen Sinks on the Rise

According to a recent survey conducted by Houzz.com, the number of sinks in a kitchen is trending upward. The study consisted of 2,600 individuals who completed a kitchen remodel in 2019 or planned to undertake one in the next three months, of which a surprising 74% replied they would like to feature multiple sinks in their kitchen.

Of the group, only 31% already had multiple sinks in their kitchen. The study also showed the number of sinks is contingent on the size of the kitchen and its intended uses.

Homeowners that entertain frequently relish the opportunity to have more than one sink (and in many cases more than one dishwasher) in their dream kitchen.

Leatherman Supply’s experience in working directly with homeowners, as well as, home remodelers suggest most homeowners opt to place the main sink below a window that gives them visibility to the outdoors and mother nature.

Typically, a second smaller prep sink is placed on an island whose countertop space is used most often for meal preparation.

An ancillary benefit of placing a sink on an island is that it enables the homeowners to face its guests while entertaining or watch children while preparing meals.

Trust me, both options are a favorite of our clients and their guests. We typically recommend that the main sink used for cleanup and a dishwasher be placed next to one another.

This makes it easy to load and unload the dishwasher. We like to put the recycling and garbage bins in a custom pullout cabinet on the other side of the sink, making it easy to clean up.  Another area the survey focused heavily on was style.

Kitchen Remodel Style Trends

A large majority of homeowners (85%) change the style of their kitchen when they renovate.

According to the Houzz.com study, in 2019, transitional was the most popular style selected by 21% of the homeowners. This style was followed by contemporary (16%), modern (15%) and traditional style (11%). Transitional cabinets, fixtures, and other kitchen staples combine both traditional and contemporary styles.

Transitional has been the most favored décor style for three years running, as found within the Houzz.com survey.

Surprisingly, Farmhouse kitchens are not as popular as the prior two years. Only 11% of homeowners opted for a farmhouse kitchen according to survey respondents. This was a decline from 14% in 2018 and 12% in 2017. One thing that is evident about kitchen remodels is that while styles change, kitchen cabinets are always in the mix.

Kitchen Cabinets are King

Cabinets are and have been the number one choice for upgrading during a dream kitchen renovation.

Over 93% of homeowners reported upgrading cabinets as part of their kitchen renovation with 68% opting to replace all of their home’s cabinets.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, we at Leatherman Supply like to believe we offer the best solutions.

Custom Mouser Cabinets

Fully Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When creating the perfect kitchen, one that is 100% custom in design and requires the utmost elegance, Leatherman Supply offers Mouser Cabinetry. Their selection of custom cabinets features unlimited options in:

  • cabinet size,
  • door styles,
  • colors,
  • finishes, and
  • custom spaces.

Coupled with our promise to help you “See It Through”, replacing your current kitchen cabinets with a dream design and fully custom kitchen cabinets is easily achieved at Leatherman Supply. Of course, many homeowners are not in a position to go with a 100% custom kitchen cabinet remodel. In those cases, we offer a slightly different, but, still high-end and classy solution. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

Wellborn Cabinet Dealer installer Goshen

Leatherman supply proudly works with Wellborn Cabinetry. Wellborn’s Premier Series meets the high fashion desires of homeowners while meeting the dependable quality standards required by Leatherman Supply.

They feature:
  • over 30,000 door styles and finish combinations
  • extensive selection of stains, paints with glaze and finish technique options
  • overlay door profiles with traditional, transitional and contemporary styling
  • standard furniture board cabinet construction and plywood options
  • ¾” wood dovetail drawer standard for durability
  • soft close drawer slides
  • lifetime limited warranty

As you can clearly see Wellborn’s broad selection of sizes, door styles, colors and finishes is a perfect solution for semi-custom cabinetry. When a homeowner or property manager is simply looking for great quality kitchen cabinets, Leatherman Supply has an excellent alternative, stock kitchen cabinets.

Wellborn’s Home Concepts line of stock cabinets offer a limited selection of sizes, door styles, and finishes to get even the smallest projects done.

Now, while there are many options available to customize kitchen cabinets, one trend continues to dominate nearly half of all kitchen renovations. The color white.

White Remains Number One

The Houzz.com study found that white kitchen cabinets continue to reign atop of the color heap in kitchen renovations with 45% of homeowners selecting white cabinets for their new kitchens. Wood-tone cabinets were the second most popular cabinet option (22%) followed by gray as the third most popular color choice.

Leatherman Supply’s in-house statistics likewise show white is a top color. However, it is not always tied to cabinets. A recent homeowner in the Blackstone Community in Nappanee simply replaced their countertop with Cambria’s Summerhill Quartz.

This enhanced an 12 year old kitchen, that already had walnut custom cabinets and chestnut hardwood floors, but needed a lightened up space.



Shake, Shake, Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors

kitchen remodel

Another trend found within the study was that more than six in 10 homeowners selected a Shaker-style door front for their new kitchens.

Lastly, the report showed specialty storage spaces are extremely popular. Below are a few recent kitchen storage space creations Leatherman Supply has helped design to craft the perfect kitchen for it customers.

Specialty Storage Draws A Crowd

A well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen and increasingly homeowners in the Houzz survey and our clients in Michiana appreciate the benefits of drawer and cabinet organizers.

Cookie sheet or tray organizers were most popular, selected by 50% of homeowners upgrading their cabinets. 63% of homeowners selected drawers with pull out waste and/or recycling drawers. Lazy Susans were also popular organizers picked by 40% of homeowners renovating their kitchens. Another 36% of remodelers featured pullout or swing-out drawers.

Nearly half of homeowners that renovated their kitchen upgraded their pantry.


There are a lot of trends to be aware of; What’s the right style, cabinet color, door front and organization tools for your dream kitchen?

What are the best locations for the sinks in your new kitchen?

Fortunately, Leatherman Supply keeps up with these trends and creates a few of our own.

Call our showroom at (574) 533-0597 or visit us at, 2423 Peddlers Village Road, Goshen, IN 46528 to find the perfect sinks and their locations for your new dream kitchen.

You may also schedule and appointment online. You have a dream kitchen remodel. Let us help you to “See It Through”!