Choosing the Right Cabinetry for Your New Kitchen Build

Building a new kitchen can be both exciting and overwhelming. You want the kitchen to look perfect and you may have dreams of grandeur – but before you go out and buy the fanciest cabinets, it’s important to choose the right cabinetry that suits your needs. Here are some things to consider when selecting cabinetry for your new kitchen build:

Size and Fit

Before buying any cabinetry, you should measure the space where they will be installed and make sure they fit properly – after all, there’s nothing more annoying than realizing that your beautiful cabinets won’t fit through the doorway or in the corner! Make sure that any custom-built cabinetry you purchase is designed for your space. Additionally, consider the type of cabinetry that best fits your design. Are you going for a lower-profile look? Or are you craving something bold?


It’s also important to think about how much money you plan on spending on cabinets. Cabinets range from budget-friendly to luxury options – so it’s essential to understand which type of cabinet best fits into your budget. Once you have a good understanding of what kind of cabinets you can afford, start comparing different brands, materials, colors, and styles. Keep in mind that dreamy high-end cabinets might not work with a tight budget – there are plenty of mid-range options too. If necessary, break up your expenses into manageable pieces by focusing on one area at a time (i.e., pick out all hardware before continuing onto countertops).

Quality vs Designer Look

The most expensive option isn’t always the best option either – it all depends on how long you plan on keeping them in your home. Low-quality options may help keep costs down if this is something you plan on changing soon; however, if this is something you want lasting (at least 10 years) then investing a bit more money into higher-quality materials can definitely pay off in longevity and satisfaction. On top of durability, select furniture pieces based on their style as well! Pick out hardware such as knobs or handles that match the overall aesthetic style of the room while still fitting within budget constraints.


Finally and most importantly, consider functionality when choosing between different types of cabinets and drawers! Think through storage requirements like pantry shelves, pullout drawers, or additional features such as mirrors or built-in shelving units at eye level(literally!). Picking functional pieces over fancy ones can ultimately save space while providing extra convenience for daily living activities like meal prep or accessing cleaning supplies quickly. By taking these factors into consideration when picking out the cabinetry for a new kitchen build; homeowners can rest assured knowing they chose wisely adding both beauty and function to their newly remodeled dream kitchen!

In conclusion, choosing the right cabinetry for a new kitchen build is an important endeavor that requires thoughtful consideration to make sure it both fits your budget and needs. Take into account size, quality, budget, and functionality when selecting the best piece of cabinetry for you! With these guidelines in mind, anyone can pick out the perfect set of cabinets to fit their specific style, function, and pocketbook.