Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Cabinets

We may be partial, but we think cabinets are the unsung heroes of any kitchen or bathroom space. Why? They provide storage, style, and functionality to the most-used spaces in your home. However, like anything in your home, cabinets have a lifespan and you may choose to replace or upgrade them for many reasons…

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When It’s Time To Upgrade, Not Repair

For most minor cosmetic damage to cabinets, a simple coat of paint or stain is enough to make them appear clean and in good repair. But, for more significant damage or to give your home a more modern appearance, DIY repairs may not be enough.

Here are some of the telltale signs that your cabinets need more than a fresh coat of paint…

Structural Damage

One of the most obvious signs that your cabinets need replacing is structural damage. Cabinets in busy spaces like kitchens and bathrooms get used heavily and over time this can begin to show. Damage can show up in many ways, including warping due to expore to moisture or temperature changes; cracks and splitting, or loose and broken hinges.

Water Damage

Water damage is a common issue in kitchens and bathrooms, where cabinets are frequently exposed to moisture. Signs of water damage include swelling and softness, mold and mildew growth, odd smells or stains, and discoloration.

Outdated Design

Your cabinets may work just fine, but they may also be dated or no longer suit your aesthetic preferences. Styles and trends change over time-especially when it comes to home décor. So, updating your cabinets can breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom and enhance the overall look and feel of the space.

Lack of Functionality

Feel like you don’t have enough space or your cabinets aren’t configured in a way that suits your needs? It may be time for an upgrade. Modern cabinet designs offer a range of features and accessories that improve functionality-like lazy Susans, built-in organizers, pull-out features, soft closure, and more.

Visible Wear and Tear

Over time, cabinets can take a beating accumulating scratches, dents, and other signs of wear and tear that detract from their appearance. While minor imperfections can often be repaired with a fresh coat of paint or stain, extensive damage may warrant replacement.

Ultimately, when repairs become frequent or the cost of repairs outweighs the benefits, it’s a clear indication that replacement is the more sensible choice for ensuring the long-term integrity and appeal of your cabinetry.


Brands We Trust

As local home design professionals, we only work with reputable brands that offer function, style, longevity, and quality to our local customers. We trust Wellborn, Waypoint, and Mouser cabinetry for our custom and semi-custom cabinet projects.

These trusted brands provide Leatherman customers with custom solutions, a wide range of design and style options, sustainable manufacturing practices, and high-quality craftsmanship.

Shop Local

At Leatherman Supply, we understand that replacing your cabinets is a significant investment in your home. That’s why our team of local designers and installers walk with you from start to finish to make sure that your new cabinets fit your home’s aesthetic, add function and style to your space, and are of good quality.

If you’re ready to make a change in your home, start by downloading our handy Cabinet Buyer’s Guide that shares all you need to know about your options. Plan a visit to our area showrooms to shop with the help of our design pros.